Tarangire national park one of the best parks in the northern circuit famous for baobab trees and large number of elephants. Tarangire got its name from Mbugwe tribe which breaks the word TARANGIRE into two parts. TARA which means lake which is found in the park Tarangire River and NGIRE which means the name of an animal called warthog (Phacochoerus aethiopicus)

So the name Tarangire means the river of warthog!
Tarangire national park was established in 1970 it has an area of 2600 sq km the park is located noth of Tanzania northeast of Arusha town.

Tarangire national park has the following attractions the Tarangire river, Lake Burunge, Large number of elephants, Baobab tees, trees climbing pythons, big number of birds, silalei plain, silalei swamps and varieties of wild animals.

The distance from Arusha town to this fabulous park is 120kms which is about 2hrs drive.

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