Lake Manyara national park the Evergreen Park throughout the year due to underground water from the forest .Lake Manyara national park located north of Tanzania west of Arusha town attached to the rift valley wall .The park was established in 1960.

The name Manyara was been derived from Maasai language “emanyara” which means a wild shrub called Euphorbia trucallii this plant was been used by Maasai before to make fence for their cattle to protect them from wild animals which are dangerous to their livestock.

The park covered an area of 335km2 and also is divided into two major parts the Land and the Lake.

The lake covers an area of 200kmsq with the depth of 4m deep.

The land covers an area of 135kmsq and the land is separated into tropical acacia, acacia forest and savanna Africana .

The tropical forest gets underground water which is coming from Ngorongoro Mountains because the park is situated just near rift valley wall .The park is the product of land separation.

The park has major attractions in the center of the park you will observe hot spring water ,famous tree climbing lions, flocks of flamingos, lake Manyara, Hippopotamus which are wallowing in the lake banks, rift valley wall ,large numbers of baboons, varieties of birds ,varieties of wild animals such as elephants ,giraffe, buffalos, Impalas, wildbeest, zebras etc.

The distance of the park from Arusha town is 130kms which is 2hrs drive.

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